Sunday, May 2, 2010

Don't panic.

Don't panic. There's Sherlock Holmes! I work at a place where people come with the hope of finding many times things that they have lost: speech, motor functioning, neurons and/or their mind! Sometimes all of the above. I lost my cell phone to one of the 'seekers' who came to have his son's mind back. Considering that finding 'cell phones' is not on the above mentioned list, I had to go to a place which did find mundane un-exotic things like that. The police station beside the work-place.

The complaint written out and the FIR filed. There's Sherlock Holmes who was waiting in the wings. Enter Sherlock Holmes. "Do you have enemies?" (My phone was kidnapped- was the line of investigation being pursued I suppose- and no, no ransom calls were made!). Sherlock Holmes called back after two months of some highly purposeful line of enquiry

Sherlock Holmes: "We have found your cell phone! Are you alone? Dont panic" (Was this the ransom call?)

CC:"Hmm.. have you recovered it?"
Sherlock Holmes: "Madam your cell phone is in your house only- your Mom was playing a prak I think! She is using it".
CC: "I think you've got it wrong. My cell phone was taken from my work place. My mom is certainly not using it! Have you been able to trace the calls?"

Sherlock Holmes: "Oh no! The person is very clever he has not turned on the cell phone only. We told you maybe it was your mother so you would feel you left it at home.We wanted to make you feel happy that we solved the case!".

Elementary dear Watson, but what line of reasoning, or what curve of reasoning was Sherlock Holmes following- trying to do the "knowing where one's towel is"? Perhaps, there's a reason that the police station was located in close proximity to the institute of lost minds?